‚ÄčEducation Program

The program aims to transform the education for girls and boys in Tanzania. Our Equal Rights Project (2014-2019) is designed to bring about lasting change in Longido District through;

Improving Access & Retention: through community sensitization meetings and several consultative discussions with Education stakeholders; students themselves, parents, Longido District Council as well as schools committees and School Boards.

Improving Quality of Education: CORDS has and will continue to improve quality of education by financing Quality Assurance Exercise (inspection) which is expected to bring up challenges facing schools and further, these challenges to the relevant stakeholders for actions.

Also, through remind schools boards and schools committees on their roles and responsibilities will bring positive changes to education especially when each stakeholder plays his/her role properly. In addition to that, CORDS provides several teachers training to the teachers from 10 ERP Schools on leadership, management, Governance & Ethics will increase friendly teaching and learning environment which in turn will increase performance at school.

CORDS builds the capacity of teachers on specific subject areas after conducting Teachers Needs Analysis which gather areas that teachers need to be trained on; for example, CORDS has commissioned a consultant who provide Teachers Training on Competent Based Vs Content Based so that teachers improve their teaching methodologies which encourages students to participate rather than taking them as empty vessels. CORDS in the next three years of ERP Project will continue supporting teachers in these areas so that to ensure quality of Education.

Improving Governance &Security: In improving Govern nave and Security to the project Schools CORDS have facilitated the establishment of Health Clubs in schools whereby children are trained on health issues including advising them to take precautions to protect themselves. These Health Clubs are mentored by Patrons and Matrons who are the teachers from these schools volunteering to guide these clubs in their respective schools.

These patrons and matrons were trained on how to mentor these clubs and were provided with training manuals so that to guide children during Health Clubs Session. Several Core messages were developed to insist the importance of child protection in schools. Also, Certificate of memberships are given to the active members after completion as also a motivation to other children to join Health Clubs for learning. CORDS has also provided Audiovisuals to these schools as a motivating tool of learning to these children

Improving Transition and retention of girls and boys from pastoral and agro-pastoral communities. CORDS also works through community sensitization to encourage parents to stop early marriages and encourage children to study hard.