Our Mission and Vision

Our Vision:

Since our inception, we developed and sharpened our vision of a desired future. We envisage a pastoral society that has a strong voice and a wide range of choices over its own development and destiny.

We believes in a society in which people are governing, self-defining, self-representing, self-developing, and self-determining; a society in which all persons have legal recognition of ownership of their own natural resources, a society in which its members have the right to development and live long, healthy, productive and dignified lives and sustaining livelihoods of their own choice; that their social, economic, political and spiritual rights be enshrined in the constitution and other governing legal instruments.

Our Mission:

We aim to work for holistic social development and to fight against all forms of injustices, oppression, gender imbalances, poverty, hunger, ignorance and disease.

Through research, documentation and dissemination of information, we inform policy makers and stakeholders in development while raising awareness of the local communities on issues affecting their lives. The fundamental purpose of the organization is to enhance sustainable pastoral livelihoods.