About Us

Community Research and Development Services (CORDS Limited) is a non Profit entity, with the certificate of registration no. 123886 as a company limited by guarantee. CORDS was originally registered under cooperative societies in 1998, which emerged out of a research carried out in 1997; the research covered the four traditional Maasai pastoralist districts of Kiteto, Monduli, Longido, and Simanjiro in Northern Tanzania. The project, titled Pastoralist Research and Development Project (PARDEP), resulted a need to establish a permanent body mandated to address development needs of the pastoral communities in Northern Tanzania.

Some of the core targets for which CORDS was created were to address the security of tenure for key pastoral resources such as land, grazing, water and mineral resources; improved animal health and inclusion of pastoral communities in social development processes.

CORDS currently works in the districts of Kiteto, Simanjiro in Manyara region and Monduli, Longido and Arumeru in Arusha region.

Its work focuses on the fundamental issues, approaches, challenges and changes that are needed to ensure the achievement of sustainable pastoral development, and curb the trend of further marginalization and impoverishment of pastoralists.

The organization works in the field of resource tenure, poverty reduction and improving quality of services such as livestock development, education and health. It is expected that the work of CORDS will contribute to a more informed process of development, improved planning, implementation and sustainability social services in the region.

After its registration, CORDS initiated a set of activities that evolved out of felt needs of the local communities generated through a participatory approach. Such interventions addressed land demarcation and certification, land use planning, livestock development and women development.